How Are 3D Prints Used For Design?

What is Design Feedback with 3D Printing? It is a technique used by architects to solve highly complex building construction designs.

What Will Ultimaker Announce?

Ultimaker announced they’re announcing a new device. What is it? What 3D printer features could it include? We enhance some images and provide speculation.


Their 3D printer product selection currently is the Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle, the Ultimaker S5 and the Ultimaker S3.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle has some unique features. It includes an environmental control feature that Ultimaker says filters up to 95% of of ultra fine particles and protects material spools from humidity and dust. The Ultimaker S5 bundle also has an automatic material handling feature. This feature has the capacity for six materials and can automatically manage material spool changes.

When you purchase an Ultimaker 3D printer, it comes with Ultimaker Cura, their free 3D printing slicing software which is optimized for use with their printers. Ultimaker updates the tool regularly to keep the software current and they constantly improve features and 3D printing experience.

Ultimaker has a focus on the education Industry that includes a savvy 3D printer superlist for educators that includes everything from where to find a 3D model to lessons and tutorials by subject. Ultimaker has an educational blog where educators can learn how to learn 3D printing for the classroom.

Ultimaker has a community to join with the usual forum loaded with help, tips, and tricks.

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