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We believe in a near future where 3D print technology is routinely used to make revolutionary products, parts and objects previously thought impossible to produce.

Fabbaloo tracks developments in the amazing technology of 3D Printing, publishing news and analysis daily. Whether from a manufacturer’s press release, onsite coverage of events or just some crazy ideas we thought up, our material will keep you up to date.


Kerry Stevenson

Founder and Editor

Fabbaloo was created in October 2007 by Canadian Kerry Stevenson, who has been fascinated with 3D printing after seeing the idea introduced by Star Trek decades ago – and now it is a reality, almost. He’s been writing for Fabbaloo since it began under the gradually-becoming-less-mysterious pseudonym “General Fabb”.



Marney Stapley

VP Business Development

Fabbaloo’s business operations are managed by Marney Stapley. Marney is responsible for aligning long term strategic goals with building key customer relationships, identifying business opportunities and negotiating business deals.


Regular Contributors

Sarah Goehrke

Special Correspondent

Sarah Goehrke is a wordsmith, focused on 3D printing journalism since 2014. She served as the Editor-in-Chief of 3DPrint.com 9/2015 – 7/2018 and launched independent additive manufacturing-focused editorial services company Additive Integrity LLC in July 2018. Sarah joined Team Fabbaloo as the Managing Editor in August 2018, and strives to bring grounded and on-the-ground insights to the 3D printing industry.


Charles Goulding CIRC

Charles Goulding


Charles Goulding is the Founder and President of R&D Tax Savers, a New York-based firm dedicated to providing clients with quality R&D tax credits available to them. 3D printing carries business implications for companies working in the industry, for which R&D tax credits may be applicable.


rachel park circ

Rachel Park


Rachel Park is an accomplished print and web writer and editor with more than 24 years’ experience. Her specific area of expertise is the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing sector, a market she has been immersed in since 1996. Rachel works as an independent freelance journalist, runs her own copywriting and editing business, as well as being a key member of PYL Associates.



Madhumita Chandrasekaran


Madhumita Chandrasekaran is an enthusiastic high school writer who is passionate about words and the world around her. In addition to receiving numerous awards for her work in STEM and Writing, she was the University Panel Director on the Project Pulse Executive Team and is a Swim Instructor.


megan ray nichols CIRC

Megan Ray Nichols


Megan Ray Nichols is the editor of Schooled By Science, a blog dedicated to making science and technology news easy to understand. Megan is a freelance science writer and a regular contributor to Datafloq, The Energy Collective, and Big Data Made Simple.



Indiana Lee


Indiana Lee is a writer and journalist from the Pacific Northwest with a passion for covering technological advancements, social justice, sustainability, and more. In her off time you can find her deep in the mountains with her two dogs. Follow her work on Twitter @indianalee3 or reach her at [email protected]


nora toure circ

Nora Toure


California-based Nora Toure is the woman behind “Women in 3D Printing”, a group dedicated to promoting and showcasing the use of 3D printing for women. She’s also the Director, Sales & Service Factory Operations at Fast Radius.


Past Contributors

Many have written stories for Fabbaloo, usually leveraging their particular expertise in the 3D printing industry. If you would like to become a contributor, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll have a chat! 

Clément Moreau is co-founder and CEO of Sculpteo an online 3D printing and laser-cutting service based in San Francisco and Paris. He holds a MSc. in Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Paris.

Matt Sand is co-founder and President of 3DEO, a low-cost metal 3D printing technology company. At 3DEO, he has worked extensively on the business of 3D printing with customers from a variety of industries. Prior to 3DEO, he was a venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, and officer in the U.S. Air Force. He holds an MBA from UCLA, and BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from Tulane University.

Bob Zollo is the founder and President of Avante Technology, LLC, a developer and marketer of advanced 3D printing filaments and STL file repair software. He has experience in applying plastics technology to improve products at two Fortune 500 corporations. He has a degree in Engineering from the US Military Academy at West Point, and an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

Chris Carroll is the owner of TDF Industries LLC, a 3D printing consulting company that provides industry research and reseller training. Chris has twenty years of experience in the printing industry with Hewlett-Packard and holds a BS and MBA from Rutgers University.

Constantine Ivanov, Co-Founder & CEO of DigiFabster: A CRM fit for 3D Printing Industry. Streamline 3D Printing Orders & Customer Relations Management.  

Evy Wilkins is the VP of Marketing at UNYQ, a company that is redesigning prosthetics and orthotics using 3D printing to create highly personalized devices. Originally from Minneapolis, Evy has lived in Washington, DC, Sierra Leone and France. She speaks English and French. Evy contributes to Women in 3D Printing by organizing events and contributing content.

Duplicat, aka: Gene Crady of Indiana, USA, is a 3D Creative Technologist, and FDM/FFF Additive Manufacturing Specialist and owner of Duplicat 3D Printer Services.

Jess Hedstrom is the Founder of the podcast “Printing Everyday“, where she interviewed guests from the 3D printing industry. Jess was the U.S. Community Manager for 3D Printing Service Sculpteo and participates in speaking events and webinars to help keep on top of what’s going on in the 3D printing eco-system. You can find articles written by Jess on many 3D print publications.

Joe Anand, President and CEO of MecSoft Corporation, a worldwide leader in providing computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software products for the small to mid-market segments earned his MS degree, in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University in 1984, performing research on robot path planning and simulation. Joe is a proven expert in Software Development, Mechanical Engineering, Entrepreneurship and project management and sales.

Marcus Rockcliffe is a 3D designer and 3D printing technical expert at Creative 3D, a UK based 3D printer retailer and 3D printing Service Bureau.

Mike Difronzo is the founder of WiZE 3D, a growing reseller of all things 3D printing. This role provides Mike with a unique viewpoint on the latest in 3D printing equipment, software and processes.  

3D Generalist, Designer and Printologist, Wojtek Grabczak has been active in Computer Graphics, 3D Graphics and 3D Printing for many years, and is often seen at 3D-related conferences. 

Yoni Binstock loves building amazing products with incredible people. From building a site that grades Congressmen on climate change, to designing and printing 3D models, to organizing a TEDx event on the future, his work is varied and always exciting.

Alex Clark-McGlenn is currently taking his MFA in creative writing from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. He has been published in eFiction Magazine, Inkwell at Evergreen, Slightly West Literary Magazine, and appeared in Smokebox Literary Magazine July, 2014. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

Blair Gardner is a co-founder at Make Mode, a Brooklyn, New York based digital design and fabrication studio specializing in 3D printing, laser cutting, and design.

Anthony Gilbert is the owner of The RealFX Group. Anthony specializes in real estate, real estate marketing, managing the team and achieving set goals.

Ann Neal is a technology and business editor. She is a passionate blogger who loves to blog about home and lifestyle trends too. She is a regular contributing writer for ABestMeter.

Amy Trotter is a graphic designer, jewelry maker, and a freelance writer from Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience in the jewelry industry, she has worked closely with many jewelry manufacturers like MKM Jewelry and Estate Diamond Jewelry to produce unique jewelry pieces for retail stores and private clients. In her free time, she enjoys finding new ways to incorporate technology into her art.

Connor Burke is a User Advocacy Intern for Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS Corp. He resides in in Westford, Massachusetts and attends Syracuse University where he aspires to receive his Communication & Rhetorical Studies degree by May of 2019.

David Park is a 3D printing and tech enthusiast who lives and works in South Korea.  He is fluent in English, Korean, and Chinese and has a passion for travel, adventure, making new friends…all of which 3D printing and the Maker Movement provide.

After being fed up with the unreliability that plagues the industry, Ed Tyson founded rigid.ink 3D filaments over two years ago. Join him on his mission to make 3D printing more consistent and practical for everyone! 

Emma Lewis is a loving mother, a devoted wife and a part of the team supporting Spacer – a company helping you find storage space whenever you need it. Emma is also a staunch supporter of the sharing economy and often mentions its benefits.

Evan Bundschuh is partner and commercial lines head at GB&A and independent insurance brokerage located in New York focused on insurance programs and risk management solutions for tech companies, financial & professional services, manufacturers and product-based businesses. As an RPLU with 15 years of industry experience, Evan assists clients with insurance program coordination and client-side advising on Directors & Officers (D&O), Professional Liability (E&O) and Cyber Insurance and is a contributor on the topics of risk and compliance.

Gaurav Sharma is a Digital Marketing Consultant at CG Trader, a 3D Model Marketplace, Founder of Digital Marketing Blog Attrock and a Technology lover. He has been featured on Tech Crunch, Search Engine Land and any popular Tech and Marketing blogs. He is a traveler and love to explore new ways to enjoy the life at fullest. You can check him out on Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

Giles Kirkland is a passionate car expert at Oponeo keen on increasing his knowledge of the niche. Constantly exploring new car technologies, he enjoys commenting on various aspects of the automotive industry and giving advice to other drivers.

Helen Eagleton, a freelance blogger from Boston, follows topics in the realm of education, technology, digital marketing, and business in general. When she’s not researching for her next article, she enjoys watching documentaries and exploring the nature.

Jack Warner is a tech enthusiast who is passionate about latest technologies, especially machines and IoT. He loves staying updated with everything that’s happening in the IoT world and a great admirer of Elon Musk. He currently works for Power Jack Motion.

Jenny Chen is the founder of 3DHEALS, an organization focusing on building collaborations in Healthcare 3D Printing and bioprinting through events, educational programs, and online media.

Justin Shook is the founder and CEO of Shook Ideas, a product design, 3D printing, and manufacturing services company. He’s a former lead product engineer at John Deere with expertise in CAD design, product development, and world class manufacturing. His mission in life is to push the boundaries of digital design and 3D printing to deliver unprecedented value and abundance for our world.

Kristin Golliher is founder and CEO of WildRock Public Relations & Marketing. Her big-picture thinking and stuffed-to-bursting Rolodex are nationally renowned, LinkedIn

Dawn Putney is CEO of Toolbox Creative, a B2B technology branding firm. She has 25+ years of results-driven marketing experience and speaks fluent Engineer, LinkedIn

Lisa Michaels is a freelance writer from Portland who writes about business and technology. Being self-employed, she does her best to stay on top of the current trends in the business world. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter.

Todd Scott is a former professional duct-tape artist who explores technologies of all sorts, and occasionally writes stories for a number of well-known publications. 

Matthew Young is a freelance tech journalist and blogger hailing from Boston. He is passionate about new, emerging tech in the industry. When Matthew is not busy writing about awesome new technology, he usually spends time fiddling with his camera and learning a thing or two about photography. You can reach Matthew on Twitter @mattbeardyoung

Olivia Warfield is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for TriMet. She writes for a variety of technology and digital development blogs and is especially interested in the rising prominence of 3D technology for both business, recreation, and perhaps even saving the world.

Ronan Ye is the founder and managing director of 3E-RP which is one of China’s leaders in rapid prototyping services. Upon completing his college degree at Guangzhou University in International Business with honors, Ronan has been heavily involved in China’s fast growing rapid prototyping and manufacturing industry. He really has grown up in and with the industry here in China learning about it at a young age. Hence, his knowledge of the overall industry is second to none and hence why many global companies like BMW, VW, and Lamborghini rely on his technical as well as design expertise.

Sharon Groves is a blogger based in Sydney, writing for several online magazines and gaining experience in digital marketing. She loves to be on top with the latest technology and entrepreneurship trends.

Sienna Walker is a techie and a blogger who often writes about new technological advances and how they might be used to benefit both businesses and individuals. Currently supporting DirectorStats, Sienna might often be found online, sharing her thoughts with like-minded people. Feel free to follow her on @SiennaWalkerS.

Tom Connon works has nearly twenty years experience in the Telecom industry, specializing in product/service development, managing technical workforces and Customer/Segment Marketing.

Victoria Greene has a perfect job: she spends her days collaborating with inspiring brands of all shapes and sizes, and dreaming up awesome content strategies to help them grow their online fan base. In her spare time, you can find her writing her blog at VictoriaEcommerce.com

Andre Wegner is the Founder and CEO of Authentise. Andre is a frequent speaker on emerging intellectual property issues in 3D printing and opportunities of distributed manufacturing at events.

Anna Kucirkova works as a copywriter for over 4 years. She speaks 3 languages, loves traveling and has a passion for kids and writing. While she has been to many places in Europe and South East Asia, she still wants to explore the rest of the world.

Cheryl Macleod is the Global Head of 3D Fusion Science and Materials Expansion at HP Inc.

David Ziegler is the Vice President, Aerospace & Defense, at Dassault Systèmes worldwide business and development of its Industry leading Solution Experiences based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. David held multiple positions in the aerospace industry, most recently at Paris Aéroports. And, prior to Aéroports he spent 14 years with Airbus, based in both France and the U.S., holding positions in sales and business development. A French citizen, David’s career in aerospace began when he obtained his Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Supaero, followed by an MBA from INSEAD. He enjoys kite-surfing and spending time with his wife and two children.

Gabe Nelson is a content specialist of over 7 years of experience. Just out of high school he set off crab fishing on the Bering Sea in Alaska. From there he went back home to finish his college degree at the University of Montana. He has a passion and keen understanding when it comes to 3D printing inside and out. He has written hundreds of content pieces in numerous niches. Currently, he lives in Missouri with his wife and kids enjoying the peaceful town of St. Joseph.

Gerald Matarazzo is a certified Additive Manufacturing (AM) Application Engineer, AM Designer, AM Service Engineer, Project Manager, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Gerald has a B.S. in Data Analytics and began his career in Additive Manufacturing by starting and leading a makerspace turned service bureau in college. Gerald joined the Fisher Unitech team in 2018 with over 3 years of professional AM experience and is the Lead AM expert for the Fisher Unitech New England territory. Gerald is an experienced educator and presenter providing highly customizable, pre-to-post printing turnkey solutions.

Heleana Neil is a keen science and technology blogger who is fascinated by the latest developments in UK innovation. When she’s not writing about 3D printing, AI or autonomous vehicles , she can be found offering her guidance to UK business through her work with Enterprise Europe Network.

Indiana Lee is a writer and journalist from the Pacific Northwest with a passion for covering technological advancements, social justice, sustainability, and more. In her off time you can find her deep in the mountains with her two dogs. Follow her work on Twitter @indianalee3 or reach her at [email protected] or her website.

Dr. Jessica James is a business process analyst for the Simpleware Product Group at Synopsys, a group dedicated to creating software solutions for 3D image data, with applications to multiple 3D printing applications.

John Hauer is a noted thought leader on 3D printing and other emerging technologies. His articles have been published on several well-known media sites including Forbes, TechCrunch, Futurism, 3DPrint.com, QZ.com, TechFaster and Inside3DP. John has been profiled in dozens of leading business publications and has spoken at key industry events, including the Shop.org Digital Summit, RAPID and the Inside 3D Printing Conference, among many others. To see more of John’s work, visit Get3DSmart.com or follow him on Twitter @Get3DJohn

John Ortiz is the Director of Product Stewardship at HP Inc.

Julie Reece is an award-winning marketing expert with more than a decade of experience in the 3D printing industry. Founder of J. A. Reece Associates in 2019, a marketing consultancy, Julie has held executive marketing positions at several established and startup 3D printing companies. She has also been a respected advocate for increasing the representation of women in the 3D printing industry. LinkedIn

Kathryn Zurmehly is a U.S. Army veteran and currently a freelance writer with an avid interest in developing technology.

Lauren Schneider is the owner of Military Home Search. She believes a home should be safe for everyone inside, and that households should be knowledgeable of how to reduce risks involved with various home appliances.

Marinus Nutma works at 3D Hubs, the world’s largest network of 3D printing manufacturers. Our 3D printing service connects you with a nearby manufacturer who can create an object according to your specifications. Simply upload your CAD file, choose a material and a process, and receive a high-quality version of your design.

Mark Lee teaches at a national university in Busan, South Korea and he conducts a variety of courses, including classes on transhumanism and additive manufacturing. He also supervises several student organizations and is currently organizing a student 3D design and printing users group to help further awareness about this exciting technology.

Mike Moceri has a deep experience in manufacturing, design, and software. In 2013, he co-founded the world’s first 3D printing retail service bureau in Chicago, and in 2014, he founded Manulith, a 3D printing and product design agency where his clientele included Fortune 500 companies within the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. D-Business Magazine called him the “Face of 3D printing,” and he is currently the founder and CEO of MakerOS.

Nathan Sykes writes about the latest in technology and business online. Check out his blog, Finding an Outlet, to read the latest news.

Oliver Hood works for Shoes for Crews, an international manufacturer of anti slip shoes for healthcare and hospitality industries. The company is passionate about using the latest technology to improve the comfort and safety of its footwear range to offer comfort and longevity to those that spend hours on their feet.

Preet Jesrani started DesignBox3D because of his firm belief that additive manufacturing will drive innovation and re-invention in manufacturing for generations to come. Technology that holds the promise to change the way the world does things comes along once in a lifetime and 3D printing gives users the power to fulfill our innate desire to “make” something. With a background rooted in technology startups, management consulting, banking and political roles (state/federal government), Preet drives business building and has managed teams of 30 plus direct reports. At DesignBox3D, Preet is building an additive manufacturing consulting practice, a rapid prototyping service, and a distribution/reseller line of business… slowly.

Ramon Pastor is the Global Head & GM, 3D Plastics Systems, HP Inc.

International keynote speaker, trend watcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk offers inspiring lectures on how technology impacts the way we live, work and do business. Over 420,000 people have already attended his renowned inspiration sessions, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. He works together with RTL television and presents the weekly radio program ‘Mindshift’ on BNR news radio. Van Hooijdonk is also a guest lecturer at Nyenrode and Erasmus Universities. Learn more at his website.

Vernon Glick is a Marketing Executive at Inovatec Machinery based in China.