Fabbaloo Media Kit and Advertising Options

Associate your brand with Fabbaloo – a well-respected online publication on 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing by making an investment with us to meet your business objectives. We pride ourselves in writing stories that are thought-provoking and provide an analysis of current events in the 3D print industry. We can provide you with a campaign consisting of a combination of tactics that matches your budget and objectives.

Fabbaloo is viewed by thousands of readers every month and is one of the very few daily high-volume blogs dedicated entirely to the 3D printing and personal manufacturing space. Readers represent a broad spectrum of relevant interests, including design firms, architects, service providers and hobbyists. Over 100,000 monthly visitors from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands and 220+ other countries generate over 230,000+ page views per month and growing strongly.


It’s always amazing and quite gratifying when we hear praise from our readers who frequently represent the top end of those working in 3D printing. We’ve gathered together a few quotes from leading individuals working across the 3D printing industry about our work.

We hope you think the same.

Fabbaloo has become a must-read publication for leaders across all organizations looking to be on the cutting-edge of the rapidly advancing Additive Manufacturing industry. From new developments and trends in technology to technical and strategic advice, the editorial team at Fabbaloo offers unparalleled insights into global advancements in 3D printing. ​

Please review the options presented below and make a request via our enquiry form:

Have your company, product, service or team member appear on Fabbaloo pages. We offer four options:

Pro Story: A professionally story written that guarantees publication. Stories are clearly identified as sponsored content. Stories are pushed through all of our many social channels and appear within a daily and weekly newsletter. Price: US$650.

Story: A self-written story with guaranteed publication. Stories are clearly identified as sponsored content. Stories are pushed through all of our many social channels and appear within our daily and weekly newsletter. Note: content must abide by our guidelines: 450-800 words; include images and company logo; language cannot be too promotional (e.g., words like “best,” “most,” and “first” are often unacceptable); we will review all submissions before publishing. See our Writing Guidelines. Price: US$1500.

Link: A link to your business page (or a business mention) within a relevant story can drive new potential buyers for your business. Stories with links are pushed through all of our many social channels and appear within our daily and weekly newsletter. Price: US$250.  

Interview: A sponsored interview with guaranteed publication can advertise your business and provide the positioning you need with your prospects. Interview stories are pushed through all of our many social channels and appear within our daily and weekly newsletter. Contact us using the form below. Price: US$650.  

Mention: A brief sponsored message broadcast through our social channels, which may contain a link to your company’s page. Mentions will be tagged as sponsored. Price: US$85

Ask Us About Story Packages!

Note: Fabbaloo employs strict quotas regarding the quantity of sponsored material appearing on our pages and booking well in advance is recommended.

Newsletter Options

Have your company, product, service or team member interact with Fabbaloo’s newsletter subscribers. We offer two options: 

Sponsored Newsletter Blast: A dedicated newsletter offers a very high value promotion of your business message sent directly to our daily and weekly newsletter subscribers Price: US$1,200 

Newsletter Sponsorship: Your advertising material appears at the top of each and every one of our emailed newsletters, sent daily and weekly to well over 4,300 dedicated subscribers. Price: US$600 per week or US$1700 per month

Webinar Digest

Looking for ways to promote your webinar? Is your message getting lost among all the other webinar notices? We have a solution, and it’s both effective and inexpensive: our monthly Webinar Digest. 

Many people receive so many webinar advertisements that they eventually “turn them off”, leaving your message ignored. We’ve instead arranged to issue a monthly Webinar Digest to all our subscribers, listing upcoming webinars in chronological order and in an easy-to-read consistent format. Registration happens just as before by clicking your link in our Webinar Digest. We simply require a 480px image, a registration URL and some text. Price: US$120 per entry or US$1200 for 12 entries

Webinar Moderation

If you’re seeking an independent host or participant for your business webinar, we have several experienced 3D print and additive manufacturing experts available who can take part in your event. Let us make your online event more memorable! Price: US$600 per event hour

Online Advertising

Have your custom graphic appear on Fabbaloo pages. Several graphics can be rotated and animated GIFs are accepted. We offer multiple options for you to consider:

Billboard: Most visible and most frequent views, appearing on all pages at the top of each page. Three graphic sizes are required: 970×250, 728×90 and 300×250 pixels. Price: US$1400 per week or US$5,500 per month.

Top Banner: Highly visible and most frequent views, appearing on all pages at the top of each page. Two graphic sizes are required: 728×90 and 300×250 pixels. Price: US$1200 per week or US$4,200 per month.

Sidebar: Your graphical advertisements appear in our sidebar on every story. Requires 300px wide graphic. Price: US$650 per week. US$2,450 per month.

Advertising in our newsletter. Your advertising material appears in our emailed newsletter, sent daily and weekly to well over 4,500+ dedicated subscribers. Price: US$300 per week or US$1000 per month

Ad Hoc Advertising Services

In addition to the above options, we are always open to any feasible proposal for advertising or promotion, and have very often partnered with clients to provide an unusual service they require. Of course, we cannot provide specific costs until we understand what you seek. If you have an idea, we’d be please to hear it. Please use the advertising form below to contact us to discuss further.


* IMPORTANT: Clients are responsible for paying financial transaction fees.

News Tips & Feedback

If you would like to send us a Press Release or news tips, feel free to send them to [email protected]. Confidentiality is assured and we are able to handle news embargoes as required.

Free Community Advertising

Fabbaloo offers the opportunity for non-profit groups to obtain free advertising services to our worldwide audience. If you’re interested, please check out our Community page