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HP 3D print is a key line of business for HP. Founded in 1939, The Hewlett-Packard Company or simply “HP” is an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

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HP 3D print and 3D printing solutions are focused on several industries: Aerospace, Consumer Goods and Electronics, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Transportation.

HP 3D print has applications for functional prototyping, manufacturing aids and final parts production. HP 3D print has a growing portfolio of thermoplastic material that have optimal mechanical properties ranging from ductility to stiffness. Manufacturing aids include cost effectively producing jigs and fixtures with fine detail and more efficient designs. The HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing process may be the technology to use for dummy parts, tools, molds, and more. For final part production, companies who have used the HP Multi Jet Fusion say that by shifting from expensive CNC-machined parts to 3D printing, they save money, reduce constraints and still produce mechanically sound parts.

HP 3D print products include: Multi Jet Fusion Technology, Jet Fusion, and Metal Jet. To achieve Additive Manufacturing’s highest value, it is best to introduce 3D printing during the very early stages of the product life cycle. In these stages, designers can take advantage of designs that are only possible through Additive Manufacturing’s combination of assemblies and the optimization of the designs for the specific manufacturing process. The role of design changes depending on where the product is in its development cycle. In many cases, however, it is easier to start the adoption journey with an existing product.

HP is known to have advanced metal 3D printing technology for mass production with their HP Metal Jet printer. With the HP Metal Jet, companies can produce complex parts and discover new applications that that were simply not possible before, in cost-effective high-volume runs. The HP Metal Jet can produce high volume of parts and larger parts with a large binder jetting build size. Companies can accelerate product development cycles with multiple design iterations in mere days. The HP Metal Jet can produce parts faster, in fewer steps with no debinding required and eliminate tooling. Manufacturing process efficiency can be achieved with HP Metal Jet Solution Services. The HP Metal Jet can drive new business growth by producing high-quality final metal parts at a low cost per part. High reusability of materials can reduce materials cost and waste. This also eliminates up-front tooling costs. 3D Metal printing can easily produce geometrically complex parts without trade-offs, with HP voxel-level pricing accuracy. Get strong, functional final metal parts with HP’s isotropic mechanical properties and proprietary binding agent. HP’s Thermal Inkjet expertise for industrial production-grade quality and consistent output at speed.

HP 3D print services include: Fusion Jet Solution Services, 3D as a Service, Financial Services and a Digital Manufacturing Network.

HP Digital Manufacturing Network partners have been evaluated and qualified based on their end-to-end 3D printing capabilities for production at scale, as well as their manufacturing and quality processes.