Meshmixer News

Meshmixer is free software provided by Autodesk for both Windows and MacOS for creating and manipulating 3D digital files for 3D printing with great ease – it’s known as the “Swiss Army Knife” for 3D meshes. It can be used to clean up a 3D scan, prepare STL (stereolithography) files for 3D printing or to design simple objects, and anyone can download it for free.



Autodesk Meshmixer processes meshes that are digital representations of 3D objects. It is useful to know there are three components to a mesh: vertices, edges, and faces.

  1. Vertices are points in 3D space

  2. Edges are 2D connections (lines) between pairs of vertices

  3. Faces are the triangles formed by three intersecting edges

We can also associate other information with faces – for example, color.

Autodesk Meshmixer creates full 3D representations of objects by linking these faces together to form the exterior “skin” of the object. Sometimes the faces are arranged incorrectly so that the “skin” is not watertight, a requirement for 3D printing. If that is the case, Meshmixer includes methods to auto-repair meshes.

Autodesk Meshmixer includes a wide range of tools to manipulate your existing 3D designs into 3D models optimized for 3D printing. Typical optimization procedures provided by Autodesk Meshmixer include creating interior cavities with the hollow function, or use variational smoothing to remove unwanted mass to reduce weight of a design.

Useful functions you will learn to use when 3D printing using Autodesk Meshmixer include:

  • Drag and drop mesh mixing

  • 3D sculpting and surface stamping

  • Convert to solid for 3D printing

  • 3D patterns and lattices for 3D printing

  • Hollowing for 3D printing

  • Branching support structures for 3D printing

  • Automatic print bed orientation for 3D printing

  • Brushing and constraints for 3D printing

  • Re-meshing and mesh simplification for 3D printing

  • Mesh smoothing for 3D printing

  • Hole filing, bridging for 3D printing

  • Plane cuts, mirroring for 3D printing

  • Extrusions, offset surfaces for 3D printing

  • Interior tubes and channels

  • Precise 3D positioning and pivots

  • Automatic alignment of surfaces

  • 3D measurements

  • Stability and Thickness Analysis

Autodesk Meshmixer can help you to design 3D printable add-ons to enhance existing objects. An example is to design a clip-on base that helps a tool stand upright.

3D printers make it possible to print objects with different material printed at the same time. In Autodesk Meshmixer, using a tool called “complex objects”, you can design parts with multi-materials.

As Autodesk Meshmixer evolves, Autodesk are adding new 3D design tools that don’t exist in other 3D software. Using Autodesk Meshmixer you can light-weight a design with 3D patterns, create interior cavities with hollow, or use our variational Smoothing to melt away unwanted mass.