NetFabb News


Autodesk Netfabb is industrial-strength 3D printing software for Windows (currently does not support any Apple OS). It has a complete tool set to help you optimize additive manufacturing jobs. Autodesk Netfabb includes design and simulation features for additive manufacturing such as the ability to customize supports, mesh repair and to streamline workflow to optimize your production process.



With most CAD software it is difficult to achieve optimal additive manufacturing, but with the Autodesk Netfabb software, manufacturing industries and those working directly in additive manufacturing can add value and minimize costs. Autodesk Netfabb software has a tool set that includes design optimization, build preparation, simulation and even CNC operations.

The build preparation feature of Autodesk Netfabb can analyze an imported model and quickly repair any detected errors. You can adjust thickness, smooth rough areas and configure supports. Autodesk Netfabb software has a semi-automatic feature to generate support structures.

Another valuable feature of Autodesk Netfabb Premium product is the automatic packaging that uses an algorithm to optimally place large collections of parts within a build volume to prepare for complex 3D printing jobs.

Autodesk Netfabb Premium product, includes a complex lattice design feature, perhaps the best way to reduce weight and add value to your 3D printed parts. With analysis, Autodesk Netfabb software allows you to create non-uniform lattices that dramatically reduce mass and optimize strength.

Autodesk Netfabb software also reduces costs by helping you to identify potential 3D print failures. These process failures could be part distortion, broken supports, and helps you to make smarter decisions on process and support designs. Autodesk Netfabb software simplifies build preparation with the touch of a button. Autodesk Netfabb software also helps to establish efficient CNC operations for part finishing. You can export net and near net shapes to your preferred CAM software.

Autodesk Netfabb simulation capabilities can predict the thermal and mechanical response of additive parts to help reduce build failures. The simulation utility is used to relieve stress accumulated during manufacturing. Other simulation features include: small scale simulation, simulation of the entire build plate, part scale simulation, and simulate response after wire-cutting. The Netfabb Simulation solver has been validated with experimental research results for hundreds of design cases. Netfabb Simulator is its own product and you need to contact an Autodesk representative for pricing.

Autodesk Netfabb has several pricing options, including a free version. The free 30 day trial is only available with the Netfabb Premium product. After 30 days it automatically flips to the Standard option for a small monthly fee. The Standard options seems to have the same features as their previous Basic option (before NetFabb was acquired by Autodesk). The Standard product has all the same basic preparation and modification features to prepare parts for manufacturing, automate file analysis and repair.

It’s a try before you buy approach, and you can get accustomed to the premium features during a free trial. Autodesk Fusion 360, a full CAD system, is included in the Premium product and not the Standard product after the free trial ends.