Want To Write For Fabbaloo?

Just shoot us an email, and be sure to tell us your idea and writing qualifications. Here are our submission guidelines.

We do accept guest posts but are very particular about what we publish to maintain editorial standards with our readers and only publish material that is directly related to our topic, 3D printing. Please read all of the following carefully before submitting material.

We do not accept payment for advertising-oriented stories. WE ARE SPECIFICALLY NOT INTERESTED IN MATERIAL PRODUCED BY SEO ORGANIZATIONS for other parties. 

We’re looking for: 

  • Exclusive stories relevant to the 3D print community that highlight hardware, software, materials, events, deals or processes 
  • We seek stories and events that are truly new and may cause a change in the 3D space in some way
  • Stories are typically short, 400-1000 words, and require relevant images
  • Coherent writing style with a bit of tech depth, but with recognition some readers may require explanations
  • A single “point” to the story that provides the reader with some potential benefit
  • Stories written by those with experience and expertise in the field, or those willing to do appropriate research

We are not interested in: 

  • Stories on other unrelated topics, especially 2D paper printing
  • Stories written by anyone with limited understanding of 3D print technology and practices
  • Poorly written material, including awkward sentence structure, repeated phrases and incorrect grammar
  • Blatant advertising pieces for a product
  • Pieces obviously focused on a company or product for advertising purposes, especially if not related to 3D printing technologies
  • Pieces with secretly embedded links to products – although we do provide authors with a paragraph byline including links
  • Stories ghost-written by others; we require actual expert authors who can potentially respond to questions after publication
  • Stories that include incorrect technical information or wrong conclusions
  • Stories published (or will be published) elsewhere
  • Entry-level 3D printing stories – our readers are well beyond that stage
  • Pictorial infographics that are not text-based discussion and analysis, as our format is primarily text with images
  • Stories focusing on non-3D printing or scanning technologies, such as CNC, laser, etc.
  • Stories directed at the general public for sensational interest, rather than our core readers who are familiar with 3D printing
  • Stories written by or for SEO firms on behalf of clients
  • Stories highlighting the normal use of equipment, such as “Company X uses the Y machine to produce Z parts”, or “company X just bought machine Y”, or “company X is now selling equipment Y”

If this makes sense to you, we’d be open to receiving proposed stories for publication. Please email your proposal to [email protected]