MakerGear Hits Forbes

By on December 11th, 2011 in coverage


As interest in 3D printing grows we see increasingly frequent appearances in mass media. Now we see popular 3D printer supplier MakerGear featured in business publication Forbes. 
MakerGear is a well-stocked supply shop for 3D printer owners and would-be owners. In addition to supplying materials (ABS and PLA filament), MakerGear also offers well-regarded upgraded parts for common 3D printers and even RepRap Prusa and their own Mosaic 3D printer kits. 
In the Forbes article, MakerGear chief Rick Pollack says: 
We do a lot of our production locally. The guy who makes our nozzles, for examples, I can drive to his place and talk. We are very much a grassroots company with customers across a wide spectrum from Schools and Universities to Software by day, hobbyists by night. People want to do custom stuff for their hobby. We help artists. And, we have a growing group of Small Business Owners that want to do small run production, rapid prototyping. 3D printers have been cute and clever, but now they are useful and can be used for small run production.
We think MakerGear is in a pretty good position to take advantage of the growing market – but they will face competition from numerous other 3D printer kit projects that have recently appeared and perhaps even stiffer competition from other suppliers of plastic filament, which, by its nature is a commodity item. 
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By Kerry Stevenson

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