T-Splines Eaten by Autodesk

By on December 28th, 2011 in Corporate, Software


If you use Rhino3D or Solidworks for preparing your 3D models you might have heard of T-Splines. It’s a special plug-in that permits easy creation of organic shapes and thus greatly extends the usefulness of Rhino3D and Solidworks, at least for some designers. But that may change abruptly. The other week 3D software giant Autodesk acquired all the assets of T-Splines.
But you say, Autodesk makes software that competes against Rhino3D and Solidworks. Yes, we thought the same thing. Now if you go to the T-Spline website and check out the products, you’ll see this: 
T-Splines for Rhino is not available to buy or try at this time while our company transitions. Thank you for your patience.
tsElements for SolidWorks is not available to try or buy at this time while our company transitions. Thank you for your patience.
This may mean the product is being absorbed into Autodesk’s product line, or it could be just a delay during corporate switchover. According to Autodesk’s press release: 
The technology acquisition will strengthen our Digital Prototyping portfolio with more flexible free-form modeling
T-Splines technology will benefit designers and engineers that require watertight surfaces for downstream analysis and manufacturing
Sounds to us like they may be discontinuing support for Rhino3D and Solidworks, choosing to bolster their own products. Not so good for Rhino3D and Solidworks. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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