Fabbster’s Flexy Experiment

By on October 10th, 2012 in Hardware

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We’ve just viewed an interesting video of what appears to be a 3D print of a very flexible material, evidently performed on a Fabbster. You’ll recall Fabbster; the personal 3D printer that accepts pre-made plastic “sticks” of different materials and colors. 

Apparently they’ve somehow made sticks out of a flexible plastic material and printed out an object. In the video you’ll see the ultimate comparison between a flexy print and a standard ABS plastic print – performed with a hammer. Ouch! 

We checked out the Fabbster site and could not find said material for sale, but if a successful experiment has been done you can bet that the product will become available sometime in the near future. 

Via YouTube (Hat tip to WebJumper)

By Kerry Stevenson

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