3D Systems Teams with Creaform

By on February 17th, 2013 in Software

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If you’re considering a portable 3D scanner such as Creaform’s new Go!SCAN, you might want to consider the software you need to use the captured scans. Scans are not useful unless you can edit, trace, repair and convert them. 
Creaform has solved this problem by teaming with 3D Systems, who now provide a “simple and powerful 3D reverse engineering and design tool” named “Go!MODEL”. It appears that 3D Systems has based the new tool on their ultra-powerful RapidForm reverse engineering tool. What does it do? This: 
  • Mesh Optimization : Do more with your scans! Fill holes, smooth, enhance shapes and perfect meshes to use in downstream apps.
  • Automated : Use Go!MODEL’s wizards to complete frequently used processing steps with just a few clicks.
  • Intelligent : From decimation that reduces file size by half with almost no loss of accuracy to curvature-based hole filling, Go!MODEL is packed with intelligent tools.
  • Automatic NURBS Surfacing : 2 clicks are all you need to generate highly accurate NURBS surfaces of anything you scan with the Go!SCAN. Use surfaces in applications like CAD and CAM that cannot handle high definition meshes.
  • Powerful : No matter what you scan, Go!MODEL has the tools to turn it into the format and with the properties you need.
We don’t know the price of the new software, but we suspect it is lower than the pricey Rapidform to match the lower price of the Go!SCAN hardware. Here’s how we think it plays out: for rapid, reasonable and low cost scanning, you’d use Go!SCAN and Go!MODEL. For highly detailed scanning you’d use Creaform’s HandyScan line of scanners with 3D Systems’ RapidForm. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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