PanaShape’s Differences

By on April 16th, 2013 in Service


There are multiple “upload and 3D print” sites available today, but Brian Bauman of PanaShape wants you to know their service is slightly different. 
Yes, PanaShape permits upload of STL 3D model files – and the service creates animated 3D renderings as well as live-quoting your price to produce the model. They are able to 3D print in variations of two materials, Somos Next and PA12. The Caracalla scan we uploaded seen above (90x100x163mm) evidently will cost USD$1200 to print in Somos Next at standard resolution. 
What’s the difference with PanaShape? They charge simply by volume, making cost estimates simpler to produce and understand. They also say they keep costs down by partnering with service bureaus to make use of “unused capacity”
One other difference is their quoting engine has been packaged into a Wordpress plugin, creating the potential for a “quoting window” on many blogs. The plugin is currently in beta test, but should be available shortly. 
It appears PanaShape has big plans to expand, hoping to offer high-quality 3D prints in SLA and SLS processes, as well as working on a “Name Your Price” feature similar to hotel shopping services. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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