The Photon 3D Scanner

By on April 4th, 2013 in Hardware

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Tired of designing your own 3D CAD models? Worn out from endless searching 3D repositories for that specific 3D design? If so, why not scan your own physical objects and replicate them? Usually you can’t because 3D scanning is frequently an expensive proposition. 
But that could change with the introduction of the Photon 3D Scanner from Matterform, a Toronto-based startup that’s developed a slick custom-designed tabletop 3D scanner, the Photon. How affordable is it? It’s CA$399 affordable (USD$399ish), which is far less than many other 3D scanning options. In fact, had you been one of the first takers on their campaign, you could have gotten this unit for only CA$349. But units at that price level are all gone now. 
We noticed several very interesting features on the Photon: 
  • Collapsible: You can neatly fold it up when not in use, so it need only take up desktop space when you require a scan
  • Volume: Objects up to 190 x 190 x 250mm can be scanned in 360 degrees
  • Integrated: All components of the Photon seem to be custom designed, right down to the circuit boards. This means the Photon could be less likely to have issues in the future
  • Lasers: The Photon has twin lasers to perform the scan. Anything with lasers is cool
  • Software: Custom software accompanies the Photon, capable of producing point clouds or meshes
We’re not quite sure of the Photon’s scanning resolution, as the device is still undergoing testing, according to Matterform. However, they say it will be “high resolution”
The Photon seems to have the correct combination of key features: Fantastic industrial design, Integrated functions and a Deadly low price. You’d better check them out. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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