3D Burrito Sells 3D Models

By on May 6th, 2013 in models, Service


Another commercial 3D model repository has launched: 3D Burrito. 
The service offers something for both makers and designers: makers can browse the selection of 3D models, choose and buy. A download later, you’ll be able to 3D print on your own 3D printer or upload to a 3D print service. 
For designers, 3D Burrito offers the ability upload your designs and have them sold on the site. You’ll receive 70% of the take for every sale, with 3D Burrito retaining 30%. 
A quick perusal shows a number of interesting models, though the site has far fewer models than one could find on Thingiverse. Prices range from USD$0.00 to USD$20.00. Curiously, we could not find a 3D model of a burrito: 

By Kerry Stevenson

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