Orange County Choppers 3D Prints A Dragoncycle

By on June 5th, 2013 in Usage

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The gentlemen at Orange County Choppers (yes, those guys) happen to own a Stratasys Fortus 400mc large commercial 3D printer and they’ve been using it to create some very unique motorcycles. A Chinese client requested a dragon-themed bike from OCC team, who designed and built the magnificent vehicle you see above. 
The 3D printed part is the Dragon’s head, which was printed on their 400mc in one huge piece. It was mounted and blended in with the remaining portions of the dragon’s body, which were created with conventional methods. 
OCC was surprised at the speed they could design and produce the dragon head over their conventional foam-cutting approaches. 
We’re not surprised. But we hope to be surprised by OCC when they fully understand and take advantage of the possibilities of 3D printing. 
There’s one problem, though, as pointed out by commenter Sean Lumly: 
Sudden stops will now result in gut tearing fatalities!

By Kerry Stevenson

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