Cubify Announces Cubify Sculpt

By on August 17th, 2013 in Software

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Those software wizards at Cubify are at it again. After generating who-knows-how-many 3D model generators this year, they’ve now released another new tool: Cubify Sculpt. 
The new tool hopes to simplify the process of creating 3D models for printing on (presumably) 3D System’s Cube and CubeX personal 3D printers. The theme of this software: “Virtual Clay”
Cubify Sculpt differs from many other 3D model tools as it uses a “push-pull” design approach. You begin with a solid shape (sphere) and the tool provides various means of poking at it. You’ll gradually “deform” the initial shape into one you’re trying to make. This technique avoids use of potentially confusing primitive shapes and complex modifiers often found in other 3D modeling tools. The other big advantage is that 3D models created in this way are guaranteed to be printable. 
While there are other tools that use a similar push-pull approach, Cubify Sculpt seems to include a number of added features that should make 3D printing easy. One such feature we noticed was the ability to slice off the bottom of your shape to form a flat bottom, suitable for 3D printing. 
If you’re interested in this tool, you’ll be able to purchase it for USD$129 from Cubify’s site. One beef we have, however, is that it is only available for Windows software. If Cubify’s strategy with Sculpt is broadening their reach to the general public, they should also provide an OS/X version as well. 
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By Kerry Stevenson

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