The Peachy 3D Printer is Looking Very Peachy

By on September 26th, 2013 in printer

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We wrote earlier this week on the launch Peachy, a new 3D printer with some very revolutionary features. It, like many new ventures, used crowdfunding to get started. 
With a Kickstarter goal of USD$50,000, it was inevitable that they’d hit it. They did the first day. But what happened next? 
So far they’ve raised over USD$400,000 on Kickstarter, far above their target. But wait, it gets better: Peachy is also available on Indiegogo, where they’ve raised another USD$22,000. Both campaigns have weeks yet to run, so we’re expecting the Saskatoon-based operation to have a rather healthy bank account when the smoke clears. 
The large sums of cash do not ensure a successful product, but they do greatly increase the odds of that happening. This level of funding should be more than sufficient for the project to proceed and have a good shot at making their concepts real. 
We’re wondering where the fundraising will finish. At this rate,  they could land some USD$2.5M and be able to join the ranks of the major personal 3D printer manufacturers. 
One more thing: Their Kickstarter campaign ends on October 20th, but their Indiegogo campaign ends on October 24th. Those that miss out on the Kickstarter window will get a few more days to buy one of these unusual 3D printers. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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