And The Top 3D Printing Country Is…

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Brooklyn, London, Silicon Valley: Hot spots for 3D printing, correct? 
They are indeed, but there are other areas where you’ll find an unnatural amount of 3D printing manufacturers, operators and activity, like Israel or The Netherlands. We wondered how to find these hot spots. 
And then we figured out a way to do it: By looking at Fabbaloo’s page views we can judge the amount of interest in 3D printing. Dividing by each country’s population and sorting the results, we can arrive at an approximate “page views per capita” of each country. This could be a way to estimate the level of 3D printing interest by country. Sure, we’re an English publication, so that may bias the results somewhat, but as you’ll see below it didn’t seem to tilt the results towards English-speaking results. 
Is the USA or the UK the country that’s the most interested in 3D printing? No!
The answer is in this chart below: 
Yes, The Netherlands is indeed the most 3D print-crazed nation in our world today. 
What’s even more interesting in the chart is the other countries. They’re ALL from Europe, except two: Canada and New Zealand. 
What does this mean? While there is much 3D printing activity in the obvious large countries, don’t be surprised to see developments emerging from other, smaller countries. In fact, we saw one last week when the Canadian-based Peachy 3D printer was announced
We know you’re wondering where the big countries landed on the list? Here’s some notable positions: 
  • 13th position: United States
  • 14th position: United Kingdom
  • 22d position: France
  • 29th position: Germany
Image credit: Wikimedia

By Kerry Stevenson

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