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By on October 14th, 2013 in Service

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We bumped into another printable 3D model repository: Bld3r. The site operates as a kind of meta-layer over top of other repositories, but brings it all together in a single interface. The idea is to reduce or even eliminate any difficulties typically caused by a repository’s terms of use. You can store your models in Thingiverse, GitHub or other places and display them on Bld3r. Bld3r also permits storage on their own servers if you so desire. 
There are three ways to exhibit your 3D model on Bld3r: upload the STl file, link to a 3D model elsewhere or link to a Torrent for larger downloads. 
The site also offers some tutorials and community features, but the key will be adding more 3D models. 
As you can imagine, a new repository such as Bld3r does not have nearly as many models as the big sites like Thingiverse, but it does offer an alternative. They say: 
Bld3r is a community for 3D printing tinkerers and enthusiasts. 
You might love sharing your creations with others or you might simply want to print cool, quality designs. In any case, everyone here wants the best objects. 
Print freely and responsibly.
We agree. 
Via Bldr

By Kerry Stevenson

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