A Virtual Reality Future For 3D Printing?

By on February 25th, 2014 in Ideas


A fascinating animated GIF shows what might be the future for for 3D printing.

The short GIF sequence shows several scenarios involving future (and perhaps even present-day) scenarios involving virtual reality, such as playing chess on a virtual board, while no board actually exists. 

The part we’re interested in demonstrates a possible 3D printer workflow. A person uses virtual reality to quickly design a vase, shaping the contours with her fingers and placing a pre-made flower on it. Then by placing the virtual creation inside a handy 3D printer, the print operation begins and produces a vase matching the design. 

We don’t believe this functionality is available today, but we suspect it could be built as most of the pieces are not new technology. 

Would you design objects and send them to your 3D printer in this way? 

Via Gfycat