Stick Your Head in that Digiteyezer

By on February 24th, 2014 in Hardware, Service

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Person-scanning devices are suddenly sprouting everywhere, but there’s one that might have an edge on the others. 

Digiteyezer is a French firm that’s producing the “BobbleShop” device in the image at the top. It’s very straightforward to use. Simply stick your head into the slot above and wait for the multiple webcams to simultaneously snap images of your face from different angles. The software then interprets the images into a rather detailed 3D model that’s watertight and hollowed for printing. You can then select a figure style to apply your face upon and place an order for a color 3D print. This is all done in less than an hour. 

Behind the scenes the 3D models are sent to services such as Shapeways and others. 

Digiteyezer tech has a couple of key advantages over other scanning solutions: 

It uses optical technology. High resolution images capture far more detail than most depth cameras that are typically used in most other solutions. 

The most important factor in 3D scanning is appropriate lighting. The Digiteyezer design includes a shroud that completely envelopes the subject’s face, thus providing perfect illumination. 

Yes, the Digiteyezer is patented. 

What are the intentions for this amazing technology? We understand that the Digiteyezer BobbleShop will be offered in a franchise model to gift shops, shopping malls and the like. For a relatively modest USD$12,000 you can acquire one of these devices and make a large margin on each print. 
So far the Digiteyezer has been installed in a number of European locations, including France’s La Poste and mobile provide Orange in Paris. More are planned. 

If this sounds interesting to you, you might consider giving them a call; they’re looking for distributors.

Via Digiteyezer