Meshmixer Updates With Cool New Features

By on March 24th, 2014 in Service, Software

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If you aren’t yet using Autodesk’s free 3D model manipulation software Meshmixer, you should be. Two new features were announced that we think are pretty cool. 

The first new feature is “Make Pattern”. It’s a slightly confusing tool, but basically it enables you to overlay your 3D model with patterns such as the hex grid over top the bunny above. With several different overlays and a bunch of sliders to tweak, you’ll be busy for a while generating some very interesting models. 

The second feature deals with multi-material 3D printing. Some 3D printers have more than one extruder and permit two different materials in the same 3D print. The new feature permits assignment of materials from within Meshmixer. So far this capability seems to work only with Autodesk’s partner in 3D printing, Stratasys (and their Objet and MakerBot lines). 

Via Meshmixer