Omni3D’s Many 3D Printers

By on March 7th, 2014 in printer

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You may not have heard of Omni3D, but you should. They offer not one, but FOUR different personal 3D printers. 

The Polish-based company is growing fast and now employs over 40 people, even though they’ve only been around for less than a year. Their success seems to be based on their ability to serve personal, academic and small business needs with their product line. Currently they offer four different machines: 

  • The Pi, an entry-level, single extruder device intended for hobbyist use, priced at €975 (USD$1350)
  • The Rapcraft, a prosumer version that prints faster and larger and optionally includes a second extruder, priced at €1748 (USD$2414)
  • The Factory, which offers an even larger and faster print volume, priced at €2998 (USD$4144)
  • The Architect, Omni3D’s largest and fastest device €4748 (USD$6560)

Other than the entry-level machine, each one offers upgrades to dual extruders and an LCD control panel. 

They say their machines are “Pro grade, but accessible”, which we suspect is true as the different machines use similar components. 

And they offer free shipping, too. 

Via Omni3D