Reproducing One Giant Leap with 3D Printing

By on March 26th, 2014 in Usage


A project has used original NASA pictures to reproduce a 3D representation of Neil Armstrong’s most famous footprint. 

We all know the story; Apollo 11 landed on our Moon and returned safely to Earth. Behind on the lunar surface, Armstrong and LEM pilot Buzz Aldrin left a lot of footprints. 

One of which was the very first. On another world. 

Fortunately for us, two analog images of the print were taken. These images were then used to create a rough 3D model by comparing differences in the angle of view with experimental software. The resulting 3D model was cleaned up and then 3D printed on a ZCorp 310 powder printer. 

We’re unable to locate the 3D model for this project. We’d love to print one, as we’re certain many readers would too. 

Via Imgur