Sharebot’s NG 3D Printer

By on March 6th, 2014 in printer

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Sharebot released it’s latest personal 3D printer, the “NG” and we took a look at it. 

The NG stands for “Next Generation”, boldly emblazoned on its front panel. It’s in fact the third generation of personal 3D printer produced by Sharebot, and now the pnly version sold by the company. 

Sharebot is a regional company with aspirations to go far beyond their Italian home base and mostly European sales zone .They’re hoping to develop significant US sales in the near future by building a network of resellers. 

The NG offers a metal chassis and either single or dual extruders. It accepts a variety of generic filaments. The dual machine lists for €1650 (USD$2280) and the single extruder machine goes for €1500 (USD$2070). 

They believe their success lies in service. They provide for different needs and “speak the language of the customer”. So far, the approach seems to be working as they’re selling more than 150 units per month and now employ over fifteen staff. 

Via Sharebot