Stax: A Platform for 3D Printed Modifications

By on March 11th, 2014 in Ideas


There’s lots of 3D printer projects on crowdfunding sites, but one involves 3D printing in a new way. 

The StaX platform is, on the surface, rather simplistic: it’s basically a set of anodized aluminum standard-sized parts for building cylindrical containers. The containers are quite beautiful and likely functional, too. Each part (top, bottom or middle sections) come in a variety of brilliant colors that can be combined to created interesting containers. You can mix black, blue, red, gold, green, gunmetal, pink and silver. 

But what does this have to do with 3D printing? It’s all aluminum!

Here’s the angle: the folks behind StaX wish to amplify its uses by encouraging 3D printed modifications and additions to the product. While it’s up to creative designers to develop ideas, they have already provided a few of their own: 

  • Internal baskets to hold specific types of loose items
  • Illuminated middle sections
  • Wall mount accessories
  • Planter inserts

We believe this could become an interesting platform for quite a number of projects, but only if the project succeeds. They’re looking for a minimum of USD$49,000 to proceed (meaning a volume purchase) but so far they’re a bit short. Please take a look at this simple, but effective product and see how you can make it better with 3D printing. 

Via Kickstarter