The New MakerBot’s Are Out

By on March 19th, 2014 in printer

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While MakerBot announced them in January, the 2014 Replicators haven’t shipped until now. What are people finding when they open the box? 

A post on Matter Compilers shows a very detailed view of a Replicator unboxing. Here’s the highlights of their investigation:

  • Simplified unpacking
  • The magnets holding the new extruder to the gantry are extremely strong
  • The new glass build platform requires installation in a carrier
  • The new color LCD screen’s position is much easier to use
  • The new Replicator’s assisted leveling feature is very easy to use
  • Printing operations “feels faster”

And there’s a great deal more in their very detailed post, which we recommend you check out.

Via Matter Compilers