CubeTeam’s Collaborative 3D Modeling

By on April 10th, 2014 in Service


A new project hopes to revolutionize web-based 3D design by including collaborative capabilities. 

CubeTeam has released a web-based 3D modeler that uses the “block building” style for ease of use – but combined with collaboration. 

Wait, what does that mean, exactly? It means that more than one person can edit the 3D model simultaneously. You might think this is a weird concept, as 3D models you’re familiar with took a direct route from your brain’s neurons through your fingers into CAD software. Now, other people’s neurons will be involved. 

We suspect the effect will be similar to the feeling when you’re editing a text document simultaneously with others, such as can be done with Google Docs. It’s a very powerful feeling that you’re really and truly on a team. Like a text document, we also suspect that live participants will tend to work on “their piece” of the model to avoid disastrous 3D collisions. 

Not only can you edit together, you can also socialize your project by favoriting and injecting it into social media. That, of course, is intended attract more team members. It should be interesting to see if this concept catches on. 

Via CubeTeam