Museum Sells Its Collection – As 3D Prints

By on April 7th, 2014 in Service

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A deal between the Regional History Museum of Varna and Threeding enables the sale of many of the museum’s objects as 3D prints. 

Varna is a large city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, where the Archaelogical Museum sits. It holds thousands of ancient items within its more than 2000 sm (23,000 sf) space. According to Wikipedia, the museum: 

Displays objects from the prehistoric, Thracian, Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman periods of the region’s history, as well as from the medieval Bulgarian and Byzantine Empires, the Ottoman rule and the Bulgarian National Revival periods.

The agreement has Threeding performing 3D scans on selected ancient objects, with a goal of delivering the 3D models for sale on their growing site. They say: 

This partnership will give us an opportunity to add into our portfolio of 3D printable models new unique historical artifacts from the entire world history. The cooperation agreement is a logical progression of our aim to present historical and art 3D printable models on our website. It follows the successful cooperation between and the Regional Historical Museum of Pernik from early 2014 but in a much larger scale.

We’re pleased with this development because it is a venture that leads to access by individuals. Too many museums make a big deal out of their 3D scanning projects, but later we usually find out that none of the scans are made available to the public. 

Via Threeding
Image Credit: Wikipedia