Thingiverse’s Customizable Tree

Thingiverse has released a new customizable tree model generator that should prove out a new 3D printing concept. 

Their “customizer” feature is a way to dynamically adapt a given 3D model for your own purposes. Most of the customizable models in Thingiverse simply adapt for size: you could generate a 3D model for a pot of specific size, or a connector with a particular diameter, etc. 

The new version of the Customizer provides much more ability to adapt, including recursion and more advanced vector control. You might not know what that means, but the implication is that far more complex objects can be created. 

In the case of the Customizable Tree, it means you could generate dozens, if not hundreds of similar, but unique tree designs. If you were to 3D print a bunch of them, you’d have a different kind of collection on display – it would look much more like a forest than simply repeating the same model over and over. 

Imagine this capability being applied to other “multiple piece” problems, such as 3D printing a cityscape, or a crowd of people or animals. 

We’re expecting to see some very interesting 3D printed displays in the near future. 

Via Thingiverse

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