Todd Grimm on 3D Printing’s Future

By on April 18th, 2014 in Ideas


In the Additive Manufacturing User Group conference’s first keynote, industry expert Todd Grimm laid out his view of the 3D Printing landscape, highlighting many of the technologies and trends that are driving the industry.

Ever the enthusiastic realist, Grimm played down the media driven hype that a “manufacturing revolution” was just over the horizon.  That’s not to say that the heightened exposure hasn’t brought more eyes looking at it, more brains thinking about and more money being poured into the industry.

Taking a broader view Todd commented that recent moves by big players to consolidate the business have put investors on notice and driven home the idea that additive manufacturing is more than just a technology, it’s a maturing industry.

According to Todd, the consumer market which has driven most of the 3D printing hype, will deflate in the near term. While this atrophying will see far fewer players in market, those with strong business and distribution plans will survive.