A New 3D Scan App?

By on May 5th, 2014 in Software


Details are few, but IHTFP Labs is developing an app that they say will “Revolutionize 3D Scanning”. 

There are no specifications, pricing or technical details available for this product. The only things we know are: 

Now you have a 3D scanner with you anywhere you go, in your smartphone. Capture any objects for 3D printing.

Move around any objects with your phone’s camera to capture high-fidelity 3D scans, without any expensive dedicated hardware.

Send your 3D scans to your own printer or to a printing service, select your material and receive your 3D print in your mail.

Sounds good, but who are IHTFP Labs?  We’d bet “IHTFP” are the initials of the principals. They say: 

We are a team of MIT machine vision scientists and proven entrepreneurs, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. We want to democratize the 3D scanning process by turning your smartphone into a 3D scanner. We believe this has wide applications across many fields.

So it would seem they have the capability to build something like the “Scanner Pal App”. But do we need such a thing? 

Definitely yes! We’ve been using various types of 3D scanners, and frankly, they are mostly painful to use. They can be expensive and require expensive, cable-attached laptops to operate. Some require “targets” placed on the scanned objects, which is discomforting to individuals, obviously. 

Even the 123D Catch App, which most closely resembles the Scanner Pal App, is sometimes difficult to use. You require highly consistent lighting, correct backgrounds and must wait long periods for your scan to be processed. It’s a free service, so many people endure these barriers. 

We’re hoping IHTFP Labs can overcome some of these difficulties. We would like nothing better than to pull a good 3D scanner out of our pockets and go to town on anything nearby. Wouldn’t you?

Via IHTFP Labs