iMakr to Open Manhattan 3D Printer Store

By on May 25th, 2014 in Corporate


iMakr, perhaps the first independent 3D printer retail store, announced expansion to New York City. 

Opening June 19th at a yet-undisclosed location in Manhattan, the store is said to offer the same services as their original London shop: 3D printers, training, support, supplies and printing. 

They’re currently advertising for a 3D designer to work full time at the new location. 

We think this is a fantastic bonus for NYC-based 3D printing enthusiasts, as their retail experience up to now has been limited to MakerBot’s own retail store (which sells only MakerBots, obviously) and chains selling limited selections of machines. iMakr will presumably resell the same wide variety of machines as their London outlet. 

On our previous visit to iMakr’s London location we observed many different machines and services presented to the curious public. That scenario will now repeat in the Big Apple. 

Via iMakr