PrintToPeer Powers 3D Hubs

By on May 21st, 2014 in Service

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Cloud-based 3D operations startup PrintToPeer has partnered with 3D printer crowdsource network 3D Hubs to vastly simplify use of the network. 

PrintToPeer, if you recall, provides a very slick cloud-based service that can rapidly slice your 3D model into printable form on a variety of 3D printers. Normally PrintToPeer sends the printing instructions back to you on your own 3D printer, but with the partnership, they’ll send it over the 3D Hubs’ network to arrive at a 3D printer selected by you. 

It’s a very natural match. PrintToPeer makes 3D printing simple; 3D Hubs has a lot of 3D printers. 

For 3D Hubs this partnership means their print-buying clients will undergo a much simpler experience. This is very important for 3D Hubs because buyers, unlike 3D printer operators, have little experience with slicing software and printing parameters. Less friction means more and happier customers. 

For PrintToPeer it’s also big news, as 3D Hubs basically guarantees significant use of their cloud system, thus providing critical cash flow and visibility. 

Via 3D Hubs