The Redpah 3D Model Repository

By on May 27th, 2014 in models


We’re checking out a new 3D model repository that recently launched: Redpah. 

Aside from the unusual name we found the site to be a pretty standard 3D model site, similar to many others that have recently launched. You can browse, select and download 3D models suitable for 3D printing. Like many early-stage repositories, Redpah has few models, just over 100 from our quick count. There’s a mix of free 3D models and some non-free items priced from USD$1-25. 

To encourage designers to post their models, they make this offer: 

Post your 3D print file for $1 with a good picture and Redpah will buy 1 to get your sales started!

It’s a good idea, but we’re not sure how well they’ll be able to compete in the burgeoning 3D model space, where it seems new entrants appear monthly. Not only that, they’ll have to compete with the giants like CGTrader, YouMagine, Thingiverse and others. 

Finally, one issue we observed was a surprising number of Star Wars-based 3D models. We’re not certain, but if Redpah does not hold appropriate licensing for these items they might be receiving a note from Disney soon. 

Via Redpah