The Zeus 3D Copier?

By on May 18th, 2014 in printer


It’s called “The world’s first ALL-in-One 3D Printer for professional use” and it just might be. 

The new 3D printer is actually multiple devices in one. There are three key capabilities: 

  • A reasonable 3D printing apparatus, with a 203 x 152 x 145mm build volume and a 0.08mm layer size, suitable for PLA printing
  • A laser scanner that can capture the shape of objects in the build chamber
  • A quad-core processor and associated storage to drive the above

The processor is interesting; it’s required to handle the scans, but its presence means the device can do its own 3D print slicing, without need for external software. Just put in STL and away you go. 

There’s many other bells and whistles, including a 2MP HD camera for viewing operations, swappable extruder, ethernet and WiFi connectivity and a beautiful 7” operations touch panel. 

But the most noticeable thing for us is the strong focus on “Copier”. When you have scanning and printing capability in one box you basically have a copier. If you check out the Zeus’ front panel you’ll see the words, “Scan Print Copy Fax”. “Copy” means scan followed by print; “Fax” means scan followed by transmit. It’s a great idea to relate these new capabilities to terms familiar to consumers. We’re interested to see if the approach works. 

The fully assembled unit sells for USD$2,499, which we believe to be a pretty decent price considering you’re getting both a 3D printer AND a scanner in a really nice package. 

But you won’t get a Zeus for a while yet. The order page says “Ships this summer”

Via AIO Robotics