’s New Approach

By on May 4th, 2014 in Service


3D model repository Threeding is taking a new approach in their business model: a drastic reduction in commission fees. 

The service, of which we’ve written before, presents a collection of terrific 3D models for purchase. You buy ‘em, you print ‘em. 

The news is that Threeding is dropping the commission charged to designers from a whopping 40% to a mere 8.5%. Thus, for a typical sale of, say, the USD$40 Sculpture of Hercules, only USD$3.40 goes to Threeding, with the designer retaining USD$36.60. That’s a lot more than USD$24 in the old scheme. 

We suspect Threeding is subject to the now-standard challenge facing all such 3D model repositories: attracting designers. We’ve spoken to several 3D repository services and they all mention the same problem. You can’t sell unless you have lots of good products. Attracting buyers is proportional to the size and quality of your repository, and the only way to grow a repository is to have designers fill it. 

Threeding suggests that their fee is perhaps the lowest of all popular repositories. If so, it could indeed attract more designers. 

Would you put your designs in Threeding? 

Via Threeding