Creation Workshop from Envision Labs

By on June 1st, 2014 in Software


Concerned that your favorite 3D model slicing software won’t work on your new resin-based 3D printer? There’s a solution for that. 

Envision Labs has stepped up to produce an independent 3D model slicer that is specifically designed to work with SLA/DLP-style 3D printers: Creation Workshop. 

The software performs much the same tasks as the more familiar extrusion slicers: sizing, positioning, layer size selection, support generation, etc. However, it also includes features specifically for SLA/DLP printers. From their feature list: 

  • Multiple monitor support 
  • Laser Galvanometer-type machine software support
  • Custom serial / parallel drivers
  • Custom Arduino firmware.
  • Graphic / 3d model routines
  • Image post-processing
  • 3D Boolean CSG operations (Union / Intersections / Subtraction)
  • Specialized model support generation
  • Initial printer compatibility

The presence of such software vastly simplifies the job required by all the new resin-based 3D printer manufacturers, who no longer must create software for their products. Instead they merely need to partner with Envision Labs. That said, there are certainly several resin printer manufacturers that develop, or will develop, their own dedicated software. That’s one way of making your product unique, especially if it does not have any distinguishing hardware features. 

Via Envision Labs