JustMake’s “Social Making” System

By on June 28th, 2014 in Service


We’re checking out a crowdfunding campaign for an unusual social network service focused on 3D making: JustMake.

You might not quite understand what they’re trying to do at first glance, but let us give it a try explaining it: They’re creating a single social platform on which one could collaborate with others to make things. Their system apparently includes: 

  • “Guided model search”, where it appears that you can simply ask for a model and others would assist you in locating something close to your requirements. You would be able to download or purchase 3D models. 
  • “Realtime social network”, where you could collaborate with others on a design, or work through a design request with skilled modelers.
  • “Production fit for your machine”, which we believe to mean connect to your 3D printer to slice and securely stream a 3D model for printing. The system is to include “AI” features to gradually learn the best methods of printing for various configurations. 

The project seems quite ambitious for the small five-person Italian team: they not only have to build a focused social network, fill it with 3D content, develop/acquire print streaming technology and provide printing configurations for a variety of popular machines, they must also attract a critical mass of users, designers and makers to ignite this social ecosystem. 

We’re not certain, but it seems that they’re still building the system, as their campaign requires funds for “software development”, “gui” and “servers”.

If they can pull this off, it could be a fantastic platform because the current workflow for searching for or collaboratively designing 3D models has much to be desired. We think their biggest challenge will be attracting participants, much the same issue facing any new social network. 

Via Indiegogo

By Kerry Stevenson

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