SD3D’s Adaptive Build Environment

By on June 1st, 2014 in Hardware

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We’re checking out what could be the most unique and useful accessory any 3D printer owner might want: the Adaptive Build Environment by SD3D. 

It’s a kind of chamber that envelopes your existing 3D printer to provide a rather long list of features and benefits. First off, we must say that the “ABE” is not a heated chamber. Like many recent 3D printers, it simply uses the concept of enclosing existing heating elements such as the extruder and heated bed to capture and retain heat for added print reliability. 

But the ABE is a lot more than that. Check out these features: 

  • Complete climate control, including sensors and methods to monitor and control temperature, humidity, pressure and even vibrations. This should significantly improve print quality and reliability.
  • Filament management is accomplished with an RFID reader to recognize the type and amount of filament installed. This prevents use of incorrect filament and provides a way for users of generic filament to receive the same benefits as those expensive proprietary cartridges marketed by some companies. 
  • Platform calibration is accomplished automatically by a new means developed by SD3D. It’s said to take only five minutes and is extremely precise. 
  • Air filtration removes pesky pollutants from the air. Finally you’ll be able to safely 3D print ABS plastic indoors without major ventilation!
  • Lighting is provided by banks of LEDs.
  • Cabling trays enable easy installation of a 3D printer – and removal as well.
  • Thermal protection system ensures the system does not overheat and subsequently damage the printer.
  • I/O ports for use by GoPro cameras, for example, or other features you might devise.

We want one now! Unfortunately, the ABE is still under development and is currently in beta testing. The company expects to release some to customers this July. 

Via SD3D