The Tekma3D TM1 3D Printer

By on July 7th, 2014 in printer


Sure, the Tekma3D TM1 is yet another extrusion-based personal 3D printer. Why would you buy one when there are so many alternatives? They have a killer feature, that’s why. 

The feature is speed. And accuracy. You see, the TM1 can print layers as small as 0.050 mm (50 microns) at a speed of 200 mm/sec. That’s quite fast. While almost any existing 3D printer can be instructed to print at that speed, the results will likely be “Not Good”. The TM1 changes things. They say: 

Capable of printing 50-micron layers at 200 mm/sec with no loss of dimensional accuracy, the TM1 takes fused thermoplastic 3D printing to a new level.


Consumer-level 3D printers typically offer a maximum build speed no greater than 100 mm/sec with accelerations under 0.25 G. The TM1 clocks in twice as fast and accelerates twice as quickly.

This hits the mark for us. We usually shudder slightly when a vendor mentions they can print at a ridiculously small layer size, because we know that we’d rarely print at that resolution because it would simply take forever to complete the print. If only the printer was faster. 

But the TM1 is. 

Get one! USD$1,299 for now. 

Via Kickstarter

By Kerry Stevenson

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