3D Printing Dinners

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No, no, no! We are not talking about 3D printed food! We are talking about 3D printing dinners, though. 

Let us explain. We’ve found a new project that attempts to teach you the basics of 3D printing – while having dinner. It’s a “3D Printing Dinner”. And training course. 

The dinners are produced by Laura Winger of Mesa, Arizona, who happens to be experienced in teaching professional certification courses. Here’s how it works:

All of our dinners will feature a specific kind of product, and we will walk our guests through designing and customizing their 3D printed design and convert it to a code the 3D printer can interpret.  We’ll also take you through preparing the 3D printer for printing, including loading the plastic cartridges.  Once you hit print, your job is done, and you can sit back while we serve you burgers (or veggie burgers at request). 

Make it a date!  Perfect for meeting up with your friends or for trying something new with your siblings or cousins! Make presents for those hard-to-shop-for people in your life, or gift the admission to your techie loving friends and family! 

The plan is to teach hungry attendees how to design and 3D print a Pendant charm, Custom dice, Phone case or Christmas ornaments. When the evening is complete, you’ll be able to take the printed item home with you. 

There is a catch; you must be in the Mesa, Arizona area for this to work for you. But there’s nothing saying something similar couldn’t take place in your town. Perhaps you’d like to put on this type of dinner yourself. 

We suspect the learning is a little light as these dinners are likely more of an introduction and exposure to the technology, rather than a deep training course. But for many people, particularly consumers newly interested in 3D printing, could find this fun and mildly educational. Nevertheless, if you’re in Mesa and want to see a 3D printer, why not do this dinner? 

This is indeed a radical twist on teaching 3D printing, but everyone needs to eat. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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