Airwolf 3D’s AW3D HDL 3D Printer

By on August 12th, 2014 in printer


Airwolf 3D has been busy. Today they announced a brand new, lower cost 3D printer, the AW3D HDL.

The HDL complements their existing line of professional machines at the low end. The other members of the Airwolf family include the HD2x, HDx and HD machines. These are very capable machines with good reputations.

That’s important, since the HDL model is essentially the same as its more expensive brethren, but without a few features. The single-extruder HDL machine has a 305 x 203 x 280mm build volume, similar to the other AW3D machines. Specifically, the HDL doesn’t have a heated print surface, meaning you are out of luck if you need to print ABS plastic. However, PLA and similar non-warping materials should work just fine. The HDL also does not have the LCD screen present in the upper-tier models. Finally, the HDL has a minimum layer height of 0.080mm instead of the 0.060mm of the other machines. That’s really not a noticeable difference, although your print times might even be a bit faster. 

Pricing is the most interesting aspect of the HDL. It’s set at USD$2,295, the lowest of the AW3D HDxxx line. It may seem high for hobbyists, but they’re not the target market here. Airwolf 3D is looking to sell this model to “educators, professionals and resellers desiring a 3D printer that meets their needs without breaking their budgets.”

Via Airwolf 3D (Hat tip to James)

By Kerry Stevenson

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