Uncia Improves Their DLP 3D Printer

By on August 5th, 2014 in printer


Uncia has launched a new version of their resin-based 3D DLP printer.

The new machine follows from an earlier launch this year. It seems that the Italian company Uncia learned of several weak spots in the original design and have rectified them. Here’s what they improved: 

  • Metal body design to provide increased accuracy by reducing vibrations. This also will reduce shipping damage
  • Increased stepper reliability
  • Increased electrical safety
  • Fully calibrated DLP projector with increased accuracy
  • More robust belts that won’t “go wrong”

Although it’s not part of the machine itself, Uncia has increased their support team to assist you through any difficulties.

Aside from these reasonable improvements, the Unica still retains its 102 x 77 x 170mm build volume and 0.1mm layer size. It’s a resin printer, not a filament printer, so you’ll have to fill the reservoir with an appropriate UV-curable resin. Once done, though, the Uncia will plow through prints at a speedy 1.5 seconds per layer (2.5 mins per  cm), regardless of model complexity. 

Currently they’re launching the new version through an Indiegogo campaign, in which you can acquire the base machine for a pretty low price of USD$699, although as of this writing there are still a few early-bird USD$599 options available. The price is comparable to other personal 3D printer prices, but far less than other resin units. However, the resolution on those units is higher than the Uncia. 

Via Indiegogo

By Kerry Stevenson

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