Printr: Another Cloud-Based 3D Printing Service

By on October 1st, 2014 in Service

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Joining several recent entrants, Dutch-based Printr announces PrintrOS for your 3D printing cloud needs.

Printr is a Dutch startup that provides software solutions:

  • Software that allows the user to wirelessly control the printer (comes with the module)
  • In-browser control of the printer (nozzle and heated bed control, slicing, profiles for different materials based on an online repository)
  • Content creation/modification apps for users
  • Key features: Intuitive Dashboard, Cloud Power, WiFi Enabled, Mobile, Monitoring, “Easy Up-Selling”, User Statistics
  • White labeling capability for use by third parties

Printr says:

PrintrOS is as powerful and beautiful as you may expect from us. We’ve taken the best care to deliver a product that any consumer will understand in minutes and master in days. Complimented with our APP SDK we believe that PrintrOS is the best solution on the market to cater both to unexperienced users and the more advanced.

We believe that service shouldn’t stop once a product leaves the factory and neither should you! PrintrOS makes it possible to stay connected to your users and make their experience the best possible. PrintrOS‘s (anonymous) data collection, OTA updates and the possibility to order consumables straight from your software will make sure that your customers will stay loyal to your brand.

We understand Printr could announce a new product in a week’s time.

Via Printr

Fabbaloo correspondent and 3D Generalist Wojtek Grabczak reports from this year’s TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, where a number of new 3D printing announcements have been made.