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Lumi Industries has launched a new and improved version of their resin-based personal 3D printer, the LumiPocket. 

Based on their original resin-DLP machine, the LumiFold, the LumiPocket is a small portable 3D printer, capable of high resolution prints. 

The machine requires an external DLP projector, which are commonly available. It’s set up on a tripod, aimed down at the LumiPocket, which manages the resin tanks and print bed height during print operations. It’s a very simple design. 

Lumi indicates the layer height achievable is between 0.05 and 0.10mm, which is pretty good, although some other resin printers can beat that – but they are vastly more expensive. The LumiPocket is reasonably speedy, able to print layers between 3 and 8 seconds each. 

A very interesting feature that may compensate for the LumiPocket’s small print volume is that it can actually print in three resin vats simultaneously, as shown here. The DLP projector is mounted above all of them, and projects into all three resin tanks. One implication of this design is that the print setup must be insulated from stray ultraviolet light, so we suspect you’ll have to operate this machine in a closed room with no windows. 

[UPDATE] Lumipocket’s Davide Marin explains: 

We did many tests, and a room with moderated ambient light and not exposed directly to direct sun worked well. We will also provide later an UV shielding cover.

The other key feature of the LumiPocket is the price. For launch you can get a kit for as low as USD$379 and an assembled version for USD$399. Note that you’ll have to add your own DLP projector, which could add to your expense. These machines are said to ship in February 2015. 

Project lead Davide Marin says: 

Lumipocket is an upgraded version of Lumifold. Even more compact, but with the same printing area, more precise reaching 50 micron, user-friendly and with a launching cost around 300 euros. We worked a lot to create a proudly made in Italy design product. We will supply LUMIPOCKET with extremely intuitive software, reflecting our start-up philosophy: to make 3D printing easy to use for everyone.

If you’re interested in experimenting with resin 3D printing, this machine might be for you. 

Via Lumipocket and Indiegogo

By Kerry Stevenson

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