The DOOBLICATOR Scanning System

By on November 9th, 2014 in Service

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The technology of instantaneous 3D figure scanning became more accessible with the release of the DOOBLICATOR, a 3D scanning booth. 

The DOOBLICATOR is a ready-to-go solution for 3D scanning subjects. Simply set inside and images from all sides are captured within 0.01 seconds. Software processes the captured images into a usable color 3D model, suitable for 3D printing. 

This approach to 3D scanning is far superior to other approaches involving handheld scanners or rotating platforms as it permits successful scanning of moving objects, like people, pets and especially children. Of course, you can also use the DOOBLICATOR for static objects, even those with complex surfaces. 

The DOOBLICATOR is not something everyone should own. It’s a complex, expensive tool that would be used only occasionally even by large businesses. That being the case, DOOB has set up retail locations where you can make an appointment to obtain a 3D capture. Once captured, the company will also produce a finished, color 3D print of the capture. From what we can see on their sample images, the scans and prints are very high quality. 

They offer a variety of product options ranging from a 10cm figurine for €99 (USD$124) to a 35cm figurine for 899€ (USD$1120). Special options include sports equipment, company logos, pets and even reprints of previous captures. 

DOOB has identified several interesting scenarios where such technology may be of use. Beyond mere family figurines, they propose applications such as: business marketing and branding, preserving moments of success for employees, weddings and digital versions for other uses. 

Currently the DOOB site offers appointments at two locations, Berlin and Dusseldorf in Germany, but their website suggests they will also accept appointments in New York City, Los Angeles and Tokyo. 

It seems that 3D scanning operations are slowly adopting the business models of traditional photo studios. Over time we’ll see DOOB or their competitors set up similar 3D studios in every location. 


By Kerry Stevenson

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