Clean Energy Drives 3D Printer

By on December 4th, 2014 in Event

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3D Hubs has done something quite unusual with a 3D printer: They installed it on top of a huge wind turbine and printed with clean energy.

Sure, it’s a stunt, but check out the images. We suspect even visiting the top of a wind turbine would be an adventure, let alone the 3D printing part. 

The 3D Hubs team included the “Mayor” of 3D Hubs Copenhagen, where the event took place. The turbine, capable of producing 3MW of electricity, apparently provided the power for the Ultimaker 2 printer that was somehow hauled up to the top of the turbine. 

They say: 

On top of the windmill, we directly used the power of the wind to put a product into existence using 3D printers. It is the first 100% clean energy 3D printed product ever, showing two core benefits of 3D printing, that it can produce local and potentially fully sustainable.

We have to say this really isn’t quite accurate. Our lab, for example, has been powered by 100% carbon-free clean hydro power for many years. In the video the turbine’s blades are not turning, likely for safety reasons, so there wasn’t any actual power from the turbine. But regardless, there are two relevant points here:

  • You can manufacture objects with clean energy.
  • You can 3D print almost anywhere. 

Those are worth a stunt simply to make the public more aware of the possibilities of 3D printing. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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