Fuel3D Fueled by Much More Cash

By on December 28th, 2014 in Corporate

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Fuel3D, the 3D scanning startup we first encountered in 2013 at the 3D Printshow in London, has got additional funding. 

The startup had previously received USD$2.6M, but now adds another USD$6.4M.

This is a huge amount of cash for a small startup and should provide more than sufficient funding to rapidly expand the company’s operations. Indeed, they say: 

Fuel3D will use the funding to expand the scope of the company’s technology to address commercial opportunities in a range of vertical markets through its Fuel3D Labs division, including biometrics and eyewear.

They also say the funding will permit the “full commercial launch” of their 3D scanner in 2015. We take that to mean they’ll be able to produce as many units as the market demands. Which could be a great deal. This compares to their current state where they’re just now finishing up delivering product to their initial Kickstarter backers. 

Also interesting is their mention of “biometrics” and “eyewear”, from which one could speculate on potential new products. 3D scanning could indeed literally provide a new dimension on biometrics, which largely operate in 2D mode today. It’s possible they could produce a highly accurate face scanner for identification purposes. As for eyewear, it’s conceivable they could design a scanner that would provide perfect measurements for eyeglass frames. 

These potential products could become very widespread, so it’s no surprise they’ve received this new funding. 

We’re watching to see the next announcements. 

Via Fuel3D

By Kerry Stevenson

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