Kevvox’s New K3D Mini 3D Printer

By on December 14th, 2014 in printer

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Kevvox has developed a lower-priced, high resolution commercial 3D printer: the K3D Mini. 

When we first saw the Mini we were quite surprised, as it is an extremely small unit. It must be the smallest desktop 3D printer we’ve ever seen, easily fitting in a suitcase, if you wanted to do that. 

The K3D Mini is designed for the jewelry industry, and it offers two types of resins for use, one is plastic, while the other is specifically for casting. Jewelers will be easily able to quickly 3D print a complex model on the Mini and cast the final model in metal.

The K3D Mini provides extremely fine output as you can see in this image. 

Kevvox explained that the jewelry business is a very hot market for them recently, as many independent jewelers worldwide are transitioning to 3D printing, which permits the creation of much more complex jewelry products. 

While the K3D Mini is priced at USD$4,990, you will also need an external curing unit to finalize the solidification of printed resin models. 

Via Kevvox

By Kerry Stevenson

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